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assorted fish dishes (herrings- smoked tuna-gravlox salmon.)
assorted fish dishes (gravlox salmon.)

“The kiddush to remember."

The story of Uncle Dave's Kiddush started when I was 7 years old. My parents had been planning a kiddush at home in memory of my grandfather and namesake Dave Kaplan’s yortzheit (anniversary of his passing) for the entire congregation. 

I can still remember the nip of the Canadian air at Pesach time; the way we left the bottles of soda outside on the deck as a natural fridge; and the spectical that was the entire congregation flooding down our street to honor my grandfather. It’s a memory that has stayed with me until today.

Our good friend Al Katz from Bnei Torah congregation in Willowdale would task himself with the responsibility of making all the purchases and set up for our weekly shabbat kiddush. Truly, without Al, there would simply be no kiddush. It was his reliable and dependable nature of stepping up for the community that has inspired me to provide the best kiddush possible for my friends and family.

It’s a privilege to make others happy, to organize a delicious kiddush. It enhances friendships, creates new bonds with people, welcomes newcomers in the neighborhood and strengthens community. 

A kiddush is like no other Jewish event I know. 

It certainly is my favorite event.

Growing up in Toronto with a vibrant Eastern european Jewish contigent helped nurture my love for Jewish delicacies. I absolutely love haimish food: chulent, kishka, herring, smoked meats… we would eat, enjoy, critique and kvetch about the kiddush.

Making aliya in 2009 at the age of 40 changed the game. The old school tastes, the "geshmak" flavours were different here in the holy land. Who would have thought real delicious pastrami for example would be near impossible to come by. Simply asking for some gets you a plate of processed cooked turkey roll.

I yearned to enjoy kiddush the way I remembered and loved. In typical Israeli fashion, if it doesn’t exist, we build it ourselves! And I did just that.

Why Uncle Dave’s Kiddush?

With a purchase of a Kiddush in a Box, you’re not only sponsoring a memorable moment for a loved one - you’re helping to support the Jewish nation thrive. We work with over 30 local vendors to source ingredients for the Kiddush, so your purchase goes a long way to help families in Israel by putting money into the Israeli economy.

Covid and Oct 7th changed our relationships with our loved ones overseas here in Israel. It has become harder and harder to connect with our loved ones in Israel in a meaningful way, and to participate in the simcha has become an impossibility for many.

At Uncle Dave’s Kiddush we have perfected the "kiddush to remember".

A kiddush that you can sponsor.

These lifecycle events demand a kiddush, and if you can’t be there, then sponsoring "A kiddush to remember" is the next best thing. We have proved this week after week here in the city of warriors "Modiin" Israel. 


I value commitment to the best tasting kiddush food and to the community:
a commitment like Al’s.

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